Advanced Haircare Combo

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Strengthen Soften Restore


🌱 Replenishes nutrients and makes the hair luscious
🌱 Prevents premature graying and hair loss
🌱 Improves blood circulation and accelerates hair growth
🌱 Purely natural with no mineral oils or chemicals
🌱 Increases the density and shine

Paraben Free

Dermatologically Tested

100% Vegan

No Animal Testing

Product Details


Red Onion Hair Oil: An authentic and soothing blend fortified with nurturing traits of Red Onion oil. It is a treat to dull and damaging hair, stimulating blood flow and regenerating hair follicles to accelerate hair growth. 

Red Onion Shampoo: Biofresh Botanical’s Red Onion Shampoo is a rich blend of exotic oils and plant keratin. This soothing shampoo subtly clears the scalp off dirt and excess oil while restoring moisture.

Red Onion Conditioner: Enriched with the goodness of Coconut oil, Biofresh Botanical’s Red Onion Conditioner is formulated to nurture the scalp, strengthen hair follicles, condition the hair strands and add bounce

Ingredient Science

Red Onion Oil

This essential oil has all the vital vitamins like Vit - E, A, C, & Vit B complex, along with Sulfur. Onions have natural nourishing properties that keep the hair healthy and reduce hair thinning and breakage. The Sulfur prevents dandruff and keeps the hair follicle healthy

Blackseed Oil

Extracted from the finest grapeseed, it carries the antioxidative qualities that restore moisture and removes dandruff making the hair soft and shiny

Vitamin E Oil

Natural antioxidant that controls hair damage, restores shine, and boosts growth. It protects the lipid layer of the scalp and prevents oxidation from stressing out the follicles.

Argan Oil

This plant oil, derived from the kernels of the Argan tree, is full of Vit E and phenols. These active components keep the hair follicles healthy, promote new hair growth and boost the immune system of the scalp. The fatty acids present in the oil provide lubrication to the hair strands and keep them shiny and soft

Plant Keratin

Naturally derived amino acids from wheat and soya are similar to the amino acids of human hair. These keratins strengthen and restore hair elasticity while shielding them in all weather conditions 

Coconut Oil

Wholesome nutrition for hair follicles and scalp with natural conditioning, it is an age-old tried and tested remedy for damaging hair reducing itching, hair loss, and premature graying. It replenishes hair proteins and makes them thick and voluminous

How to Use

  • STEP 1-Pour required amount of anti hairfall oil onto palm and gently massage into scalp and hairroots to stimulate the hair strands before 1hour shampooing hair
  • STEP 2 – Apply anti hair fall onion shampoo onto hair and scalp as per required by hair length and massage it into wet hair and scalp with fingertips to work into lather
  • STEP 3 -Rinse thoroughly and squeeze extra water, apply conditioner from one inch above the roots till hair ends .leave it for 2 to 5 mins and rinse well

Customer Reviews

Based on 398 reviews
Aryan Singh
such a nice product

"My hair feels stronger and more resilient."

Atharv Joshi
Highly recommended

"This combo has made me a haircare enthusiast."

Vihaan Reddy
Good quality product

"My hair looks healthier with each use."

Rohan Shah
Mind-blowing purchase

"I'm amazed at how manageable my hair has become."

Ishaan Singh
Just wow!

"This combo is like a daily spa treatment for my hair."

Ingredients from Nature • No Animal Testing • Responsible Sourcing • Recyclable Packaging
Ingredients from Nature • No Animal Testing • Responsible Sourcing • Recyclable Packaging
Ingredients from Nature • No Animal Testing • Responsible Sourcing • Recyclable Packaging