Bakuchiol Plant-Based Retinol Regenerative Crème

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  • Natural Retinol Alternative: Harnesses the power of Bakuchiol to deliver retinol-like benefits without the irritation.

  • Targets fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots, promoting a youthful complexion.

  •  Provides potent protection against free radicals, preventing premature aging.

  • Skin Regeneration: Stimulates the skin's self-healing process, promoting a revitalized and healthier appearance.

  • Contains 100% Natural Ingredients,Silicon free, Parabens free and 100% Vegan.Suitable for all skin types.

Quantity : 50 ML
Quantity : 50 ML

Paraben Free

Dermatologically Tested

100% Vegan

No Animal Testing

Product Details


Experience the ultimate age-defying solution with our Bakuchiol plant-based retinol regenerative creme. Unleash the power of nature's retinol alternative, targeting fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots without irritation. Embrace a smoother, more youthful complexion, nourished and shielded by potent antioxidants. Reveal a revitalized and healthier appearance with the regenerative magic of Bakuchiol. Elevate your skincare routine today and rediscover timeless beauty.

Ingredient Science


Bakuchiol is used in skincare products as a natural alternative to retinol, promoting collagen production, reducing wrinkles, and improving skin texture.

Rosehip Oil

Use of Rosehip Oil: Nourishes and hydrates the skin, reducing the appearance of scars and improving overall skin texture.

Grape Seed Oil

Grape seed oil can be used as a lightweight and moisturizing facial oil suitable for all skin types.

Carrot Oil

A natural ingredient used to promote skin rejuvenation and enhance the complexion's radiance.

How to Use

  • Take an adequate amount of crème.
  • Uniformly massage on clean face in the morning and at night.
  • For visible results, use it after applying our day and night serum.

Customer Reviews

Based on 700 reviews
Krish Verma
Great product

Bakuchiol is a testament to the power of nature in skincare. It's a true wonder.

Ayaan Sharma
Terrific purchase

This product is the gift that keeps on giving. It's transformed my skin, and I'm forever grateful.

Aryan Singh
Must buy!

I've recommended Bakuchiol to everyone I know, and they're all singing its praises.

Atharv Joshi
Worth every penny

Bakuchiol is the skincare superstar I'll never part with. It's simply irreplaceable.

Vihaan Reddy
Good quality product

I appreciate that Bakuchiol is committed to sustainability. It's a brand with values I admire.

Ingredients from Nature • No Animal Testing • Responsible Sourcing • Recyclable Packaging
Ingredients from Nature • No Animal Testing • Responsible Sourcing • Recyclable Packaging
Ingredients from Nature • No Animal Testing • Responsible Sourcing • Recyclable Packaging